03 November 2005

week 8 & 9 of la liga

tough two games for real madrid who were looking good previously..... first they lose against valencia where just about everything that could go wrong, did. zizou missed a penalty, gravesen got a red for a terrible tackle, & then becks gets red carded for SARCASTIC CLAPPING of all things. what. an. idiot.
it doesn't get any better with all their suspensions & injuries against deportivo who completely outplayed the madrid boys and were 2-0 up by the half. goal # 3 was yet another example of madrid's defense not marking & losing track of the attacking players - just ask becks who was seen on the bench shaking his head in despair. the only positive: a beautiful raul goal (who just gets hotter by the day).

my bilbao lose twice - once in a basque derby against osasuna (on the top of the table but beaten by barca the week before) - and are bottom of the table.
no goals from torres but atletico madrid will take the 2 wins anyway.
and barca keep on winning - once against bilbao as already mentioned, and another against malaga. it's nice to see larsson back & scoring again.

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Elisa said...

Madrid went into a bad patch lately. I just hope they can propel themselves for the Lyon and Barca upcoming games. I know we already qualified for the round of 16 in the CL but we need to beat Lyon. We also need to prove they we want the Liga and are hungry and beat Barca. Robinho is coming to his own. Ramos is playing well. Iker is MotM as usual and I am happy that Raul is scoring again. But we are walking on a fine line. Hala Madrid!

I cannot believe that Atletic is at the bottom of the table and in the relegation zone. They are the only team other than los Merengues and Barca that has never been relegated. They need to stop the downward spiral and now. Hopefully the new coach Javi Clemente will instill pride and fight in the Basques.

Valencia is going thru a dry spell again. What is going on? They were playing so well. I think I jinxed them. I emailed GolTV to show more Valencia and now that I am watching, they can't win. Oh no. They have such quality - Vicente, Ayala, Villa, Aimar, Baraja. They need a good kick in the **s.

Osasuna, Getafe, and Celta are very impressive. The little clubs that could. The table is very tight. Ooh I just love it. Such an exciting season.