03 November 2005

week 10 of the epl

everton v chelsea
ooooooh, everyone must be so excited! it's a chelsea blip! they dropped points!!!
yeah yeah. i knew we wouldn't go the whole season only winning games.... even the fanf*ckingtabulous arsenal squad of divers & cheats went on their unbeaten streak with quite a few undeserved draws. but the criticism is always so much more virulent when it comes to chelsea.
i will say it was a tough game - everton did the blackburn tactic of loads of physical play and it worked against us. just look at poor jt's nose for proof of that. at least my frankie got us a point with a beauty of a goal. wasn't he the one who was supposed to be having some kind of blip? you're havin' a laff.

arsenal v man city
but who cares about chelsea when you get the high-quality entertainment from the arse this week? step right up & see the pires & titi farce! one night only because wegner will probably kill them if they try this crap again. the true laughing point was the overall pitiful performance by the gunners.

newcastle v sunderland
but the real game of the weekend was the derby between newcastle & sunderland. any game that gives you 4 goals in 7 minutes deserves the term "cracker" or something like that. it was also the usual derby atmosphere of fouls & tackles & pushes & nasty looks but there were some really lovely goals to take your mind off all that like the ameobi headers and the elliott goal.

bolton v west brom
big sam fashion watch: he was enjoying the game in an excellent pinstripe suit with a diagonal striped tie in grey, gold and red. and why wouldn't he enjoy this 2-0 win that could have easily gone the other way when west brom won a penalty & scored it but had to retake it and the poor boy missed the second one.

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Elisa said...

Haw Haw Chelsea lost!!! Nyah, Nyah!
OK I am over it.

Agreed Arsenal has not been playing well. Thank God, TiTi is back. Imagine we need Pires to save the game. Scary! We need to buy more players in January. Please le Boss open up the purse!

The Newcastle/Sunderland game was the best of the weekend. Very exciting, fun - dynamite. I still think Mikey's coming back to Liverpool next year.