11 August 2005

England's World Cup Song

i hear that tomorrow's Sun (very cheesy english tabloid for those of you that do not know) will have an 'exclusive' story about Kasabian & Kaiser Chiefs going head to head over England's footy anthem for the next Cup. although Vindaloo by Fat Les will always be my personal fav, i think Kaiser Chiefs should win this fight - they are named after a football team after all!

Community Shield: Chelsea v Arsenal

Ah, the first chance we get to beat Arsenal. and we do. and bonus: JT kissing the shield. did anyone else notice how impatient he was to kiss it? he started to bring it towards him to give it a quick peck but then they told him it was time to "lift" it so he did that and then he finally got to kiss it. bless.
i think everyone else should worry about Drogba: that boy proved he can stay on his feet, fight for a ball, and score some beauties.
but there is an even bigger worry than that: it looks like Fabregas is regrowing his mullet!!! The Horror!!

10 August 2005

My first post

Hello all,
we've kicked around the idea of having a "game blog" for awhile and now, here it finally is, just in time for the new seasons. well, actually, i've already missed the first 2 weeks in the french league, haven't i? let's just say 2 points from 2 games for Ajaccio isn't a bad start but 0 for Marseille is. and my cutie, Pieroni at Auxerre, has already scored. yay!
i promise to keep this as up to date as possible and i'll be messing about with the format and such as we go along.
ciao x