10 August 2005

My first post

Hello all,
we've kicked around the idea of having a "game blog" for awhile and now, here it finally is, just in time for the new seasons. well, actually, i've already missed the first 2 weeks in the french league, haven't i? let's just say 2 points from 2 games for Ajaccio isn't a bad start but 0 for Marseille is. and my cutie, Pieroni at Auxerre, has already scored. yay!
i promise to keep this as up to date as possible and i'll be messing about with the format and such as we go along.
ciao x


Jenny said...

Speaking of hotties...
How about Cyril Rool at Nice?
Talk about Sexy Football!

Nikki from the Treble said...

agreed. rool is drool worthy.

JTGulls said...

Congrats on this new addition to the Treble multi-media world. Should be fun as you can only pack so much into a two hour weekly show ... unless you can convince WSD bigwigs to give you another couple hours each week?

Also, I'd like to publicly say what a great interview with Rachel Yankey you had this past week. Terrific job - Kudos to Nikki, Jenny, and Diana.

Nikki from the Treble said...

aww thanks! i hope i can keep this blog just as entertaining as the show!

Elisa said...

Nikki where's the Dream Team/Footballers Wives post?