11 August 2005

Community Shield: Chelsea v Arsenal

Ah, the first chance we get to beat Arsenal. and we do. and bonus: JT kissing the shield. did anyone else notice how impatient he was to kiss it? he started to bring it towards him to give it a quick peck but then they told him it was time to "lift" it so he did that and then he finally got to kiss it. bless.
i think everyone else should worry about Drogba: that boy proved he can stay on his feet, fight for a ball, and score some beauties.
but there is an even bigger worry than that: it looks like Fabregas is regrowing his mullet!!! The Horror!!


Mike from NY said...

Hey Nikki,

You guys are going down on the 21st. We have Song so watch out! Rossi is a traitor to America!

Jenny said...

Maybe so, but Song didn't help Bastia stay up, now did he?

Arsenal are TOAST!

scott from MN said...

oh mike, you sad, sad little man,
the community shield was just the beginning of the end for Arsenal.

Elisa said...

Actually Fabregas looks like he has the Emo/Goth look. Funky!

The Gunners really need to work on the defense, but it is still early in the game to get worried. Especially if Chelski keeps playing like they did about Wigan. And the Chelski Divas keep getting upset a la Carvalho. Hee Hee.