20 October 2005

week 7 of la liga

madrid derby
ok, i know that atletico madrid fans have a reputation to match that of lazio's but i heart torres so i gotta cheer him on. esp as it's his life ambition to score against real madrid as a born & bred atletico boy. he didn't score this time & i really think, when he finally does do it, he'll break down in tears. bless.
he might have been in tears anyway, after this game. atletico go a man and a goal down by the 8th minute of the game and it doesn't get any better for them. could it be that all of real's whingeing & crying about the ref on THEIR WEBSITE before the game actually made a difference?? let's just say: BABIES. wah wah wah. even with a man advantage, real couldn't stop atletico ripping through their midfield.... but then it did show when there weren't enough bodies to break down the defense once they got near the penalty box. oh well. and will i even complain about the foul not called in favour of atletico in the dying minutes of the game & how real went and scored the third on the counter? HELL YES.
and wow. guti out-blonds beckham, doesn't he? do you think there are jealous glances in the dressing room?

deportivo v barcelona
aah diego tristan. i knew you were not the brightest bulb on the tree when i first noticed the "9" shaved onto your head but then, you prove my point even further by being petulant and kicking the ball away after a call you did not like and having said ball actually hit the assistant ref. yellow card much?
great game overall - some really nice goals from deportivo who manage to come back for the draw. the penalty by deco was a freakin joke - the keeper gets that ball as deco theatrically dives over. and is it my imagination or does time STOP when ronaldinho has the ball? no one seems to move and it's as if we've suddenly gone all slo-mo while he performs some mind-blowing fake-out on the defenders....... let's just say i'm a fan.

other notes: oh, athletic bilbao: so many chances, so few goals. i get enough of this heartache from the french & italian leagues, i do not need it from my basque boys too! i fear this will be a very long season indeed; wow. did you notice the glow-in-the-dark away kits from cadiz: all neon green & black?? i did & now i'm BLIND!; while over in valencia i only wish i was after seeing canizares's hair! note: a bleached blond mullet is NEVER the answer. NEVER! and for anyone who also follows MLS: don't you think that canizares is kevin hartman's prettier, thinner twin? oh my god! they could totally do a patty duke remake!! brilliant!


Sean said...

It would help your blog if you link to other football blogs. Here's a good one:


He's a big Liverpool fan.

Cheers ladies!

DieHardX said...

u r just an anti-real madrid football fan. all ur remarks on real madrid r veli much against them.

Elisa said...

madrid derby - sorry Nikki and sorry El Nino, but we needed that one. Don't you know we call Guti, the Spanish spice boy.

Depor vs. Barca. So glad Depor did the business. La Liga is so close and exciting this year.

Bilbao is soooo sad this year. I hope they get relegated. NOOOOO! It is so sad.

Valencia - gotta love them even though they manhandled Madrid and completely controlled the midfield. Doesn't Canizares scare you with his bleached goth look? And dontcha love Baraja's curls? Such a great, solid team. I hope they come in second after Madrid.

Where's the Serie A report?

Jenny said...

ha! spice boy guti. very good.
canizares & kevin hartman:
"They're cousins! Identical cousins and you'll find: These cousins are two of a kind! Kevin likes to rock n roll; he's not the one you want in goal. Canizares longs to see the sights on top of La Liga's heights! But they're cousins..."