21 June 2008

Russians v the Dutch

The second half just started and hopefully the Dutch have figured out what to do next. Russia had the run of the first half and nowhere seen was the Netherlands that ran riot in the group stage. Russia really should have scored because if the Dutch come out all guns blazing and Russia go down, it will be their fault for not scoring when they had the chance.

The insane amounts of orange shirts in the stadium is almost blinding and yes, once again, we have heard 'Seven Nations Army' from the fans. I have heard it at every game so far. Thanks Roma/Italy! The White Stripes should send you a giftie from the profits they are making on the ringtone.

Another last minute equalizer. This time it's Rudd and the orange fans go wild. There was a really interesting moment at the end of regulation time when there was a foul and the ref showed a yellow to a Russian player and it was his second yellow but the assistant ref stopped him and the ref took the yellow back. Very strange but cool that the ref corrected his mistake.
In extra time now, so many chances both way. The Russians look more likely but you never know. At this rate, we could have penalty kicks again! More drama! woo hoo!

(edit again)
Second half of extra time now. You know the Dutch do NOT want to go to penalties. But then again, everyone looks sooooo tired. I'm sure both Spain & Italy are watching this thinking in a Monty Burns way "exxxxxxcellent" because whoever survives is going to be spent.

(edit again)
Woo hoo! Russia scored - nice goal - and everyone goes WILD. Oh except for the Dutch fans. They are chewing their nails off.

(edit again)
Holy crap! Russia just made it 3-1! Arshavin scored. Is he the breakout player of this tournament or what?? Amazing stuff. I can't believe that's it for the Dutch and Russia are onto the semis. Incredible.
I freaking LOVE this game.


Anonymous said...

woah! russia just scored. hot stuff.

but i have to say that all the orange must be making the citizens of basel feel like they're stuck in a hellish construction zone.

oh, russia almost scored again. the energy of this match is intoxicating!


Anonymous said...

dude! RUUUUD got one back.

exciting times.

extra time & penalties again??
you HAVE to favor vandersaar if that happens.


Anonymous said...

holy siberia!
that was exciting.

i enjoyed Hiddink's bunny hop at the end.