19 June 2008

Portugal v Germany

Woooo hooooo. It's time! Ronaldo v Ballack. No Frings, Löw in the stands and not on the bench but Podolski in. All the usuals for Portugal. I can't wait to see Nuno Gomes belt out the national anthem.

Yay! The Guardian's MBM report agress with me:
"European Pop Idol: The anthems arrive and, by God, Nuno Gomes has got a strong voice. Unfortunately he is horribly out of tune and is about 10 seconds behind the rest of the team. He does, however, have nice hair, which should secure him the crucial teenage girl demographic."

(edit again)
Nice goal from Germany, good play, very quick. I didn't expect the Germans to score first. This will be interesting.

(edit again)
Great first half - so excited! Now Portugal have to GO FOR IT in this second half.

(edit again)
Wow wow wow.
Great freaking game. Portugal make it interesting and it's 3-2 in the end. Just wow.


Anonymous said...

so much for prediction number one, eh nikki?


Nikki from the Treble said...

i already admitted i'm bad at predictions.