03 June 2008

Host countries rumble?

So I was watching the Colbert Report and he showed this special postage stamp that Austria issued which does that 3D-ish moving thing when you tilt it back and forth. It has a famous footballer kicking a ball; it is pretty cool.
Anyway, so this kinda ups the standard for the next host country, yes? I mean if Austria can put out this special stamp then the next guy better do something special too.
And do you think the Swiss have done anything like this? Do you think Austria went behind their back and made the special stamp in secret just to one-up Switzerland?? And wouldn't that piss off the Swiss? Do you think they would make an exception to that whole "we're a peaceful country" thing & start some trouble with Austria?
The tourney hasn't even started and maybe we could already have our first case of handbags!! Sweet!!!


Anonymous said...

this post made me laugh loudly with my voice. good stuff nikki.
i can just imagine the Swiss Guard getting runs in their tights as they chase down the postman who flaunts the special stamp at them.

or something.

football makes everything better.

Diana (from the treble too!) said...

LMAOOOOOOO!! They TOTALLY went behind their back! I wonder if they'll have to withdraw the Swiss Guard from the Vatican for the fight. Because, I'm pretty sure that's their whole "army"....