06 June 2008

ESPN adverts for the Euros

I know on the show we were all dismayed & hard on ESPN when we found out that they were broadcasting the Euros this year. I know, ultimately, this is FANTASTIC for the game that they are showing the whole tournament and I will do my best not to be critical 100% of the time.
And they have got off to a great start; have you seen the amazing commercials they have been running (during the NBA playoffs no less!)?

I did a youtube search and here are the ones so far:


I have to admit I teared up a bit during one or two of these. Yes, I am a dork.


Anonymous said...

what a wuss.

but seriously. i did a ghastly LOL at the italy one. it's all gesture gesture gesture & then totti being petulant & CELEBRATION.

and portugal. see, that midfield lacks nothing.
at least not according to the 30 seconds of footwork in the ad.

good stuff. well done espn.

did i just say that?


Elisa said...

Damn old footage on Spain. Oh well...

Greece was kinda cool.

Anonymous said...

it's all old footage though... mixed with newer.
italy had baggio and maldini and many other retirees. portugal had figo... they're nice montages. very nice.