07 June 2008

Opening day

Woo hoo! I am finally awake enough to be able to type (give me a break, the first game starts for me in the morning & I was drinking last night).

It's halftime and although the first half wasn't spectacular, it didn't put me back to sleep. Watching Frei walk off in tears did break my heart though. Bless.
And Diana texted me as soon as the game started with "Did you see the eyebrows on the Swiss keeper??!! He MUST have had them done!"

Oh, and the opening ceremony.... let's just say when I saw people with giant cube heads, I thought I might still be drunk from the night before.


Anonymous said...

god. poor frei. heartwrenching.

also, Ujfalusi needs a shave and a haircut. i don't honestly think some grooming will make him hot or anything, but at least if he weren't so mongy, looking at him wouldn't make me vomit in my mouth.

so far, the play is cautious. exactly what you'd expect from the first match of the group stage. no one wants to take risks until they see how the points begin to line up.

hopefully things will open up before too much longer.

but mostly, poor frei.


Nikki from the Treble said...

well, the Swiss deserved more but that's how football goes. The second half was much more exciting & fairly good natured.
Bring on the next game!

Elisa said...

I enjoyed the first game much more than the 2nd. Unlucky break for Switzerland. I wanted them to win. :(

I watched the 1st from the salon. They put on espn 360 for me. ;)

Nice goal by Pepe nevertheless. The Turks didn't look like they would ever score, unfortunately.

Matt said...

If the Czech guy had hit the ball squarely, it would've been saved. It went in because he sliced it.

Notice to everyone: Portugal is not just The C-Ron Show. Nice teamwork on both goals.