05 June 2008

Top 15 sexiest players at Euro 2008

Taken from the wonderful Who Ate All The Pies site:


Interesting list... I don't mind the top 3 but I certainly don't agree on all of them - Del Piero? Olaf? BEHRAMI???
Who do you think should be in the list? And who needs to be kicked out?
I look forward to these comments.


Elisa said...

I don't agree at all they are missing a ton of players, especially from Spain. =)

Matt said...

What, no Becks...?


Anonymous said...

Becks isn't at the Euros, silly. CUZ ENGLAND DIDN'T QUALIFY! hahahahahahahaha

in other news, what's up with fabregas?? seriously. is he heading out for a night in the clubs of WeHo?

ah, what a dull world we would have without footballers.

Nirka said...

they are seriously missing Volkan Demirel the goalkeeper of Turkey.. he's hot!!!!!

Twisted Firestarter said...

Fabregas should have been in top 3 he's so damn HOT!And del Piero is cute too..:)

Anonymous said...

Volkan Demirel is missing!!!
he is just so HOT and SEXII luw him <33