04 June 2008

General team/squad musings

I know I didn't included all the squad lists but let's face it, do I even know 75% of the names on Poland's list? Do I really think Austria is going to make it out alive of their group? Do I really know all that much about the Swiss attack or Turkey's defense? And to be honest, I don't see Greece repeating their luck from 2004.

So, onto what I have been thinking...

I think that Germany squad is strong. Every tournament some English friend of mine talks about how the Germans are going to go far and every time I'm like 'nah, no way'. But then they were excellent at the World Cup and that squad has only gotten stronger.

I think Italy have a lot to worry about now that Canna is out. We all know that Materazzi is a red card in waiting and both Panucci & Zambo are past their prime (Italy actually have the oldest squad there! Eeek!). I am officially worried.

But I still don't think France will win it all. They have ridiculously talented individuals but I don't see them working as a cohesive team. Not this time around.

Will Spain ever get a break? This is the best chance in a long time with Torres in form & a tough defense.

Or what about Portugal who almost did it last time? Ronaldo wants to be the star of the tournament but will that unbalance the team spirit?


Anonymous said...

it's freakin scary that even after all the post-wold-cup retirements, italy still has the oldest squad. will THEY even make it out of the group stage alive?

wel, yes. but barely. as usual.

i still think portugal is going to dazzle the continent. Ronaldo 2008!


Elisa said...

Portugal is lacking that attacking force and C Ron needs service. He will surely miss Tevez and Rooney.

Spain well if they play the way they did vs the US, it's curtains. With Villa hurt, I think Raul may need to be called up.

Don't count out France. Ribery had a phenomenal year and they could grind out the results and then suddenly get it together like in the WC.

Italy, well a lot of tired puppies there and now no Canna. Is this the year of Cassano?

Germany have a very easy draw and look like they are going all the way.

The Ordinary One said...

France is weak in the coaching dep't - too many egos.
Spain chokes.
Germany does well in this competition - I hate to admit it, but they may take it. I hope Lehmann continues his form from Arsenal. He can lose it for them.
Italia...Italia, I hope you win. Maybe Cassano will come up big.