20 December 2005

european cup draws

just a quick note on the european ties that we will be seeing in the coming months..... i hate to be ultra-cheesy but let's face it, there are some crackers here!
of course, the biggest & best of the bunch is the barca v chelsea tie. i also hate sounding like some kind of conspiracy nut but come on!! do we not find this even a teensy bit suspicious? how many anti-chelsea rants does uefa/fifa have to make for the rest of us to get their point? ok ok. you don't like chelsea. get the hell over it! i know i am slightly biased here (i can hear you now "slightly??!!??") but only the craziest of chelsea haters are not going to admit there are some big & more important problems facing modern football today than chelsea. i'd like to see fifa/uefa clean up the racism & sexism in the game and properly train all refs across the globe in the same stadard and then, if they have time, they can go back to chattering about chelsea. boo f*cking boo hoo.
back to the point.... the barca/chelsea games are going to be great. end of.
i'm pleased that lyon got a hopefully winable clash against psv; i really want the french boys to go all the way this year.
real madrid v arsenal should be fun. i would never write off madrid - no matter what kind of crisis they are going through. they still have the likes of zizou, ronaldo, robinho & casillas. and those boys alone should make titi & his oh la la boys quake in their continental boots.
juve and inter will be dissapointed if they do not win their ties against bremen & ajax. milan, on the other hand, will have quite a test against bayern. i hope the old folks home that is their defense can pull it together & sheva has one of his spectacular days. or maybe bobo can be the hero. ahahahahahahahahaha. *wipes tears from eyes*
rangers v villareal seems pretty well matched and i wouldn't take bets on who comes out of that on top.
and then there is the team that doesn't even deserve to be there in the first place so let's give them an easy ride to boost their already inflated egos liverpool. who are up against the mighty benfica. consider me a benfica supporter from now until my birthday (9 march, since you ask, and i just adore presents sent to the studio). in case you didn't know, the ties are 21/22 february & 7/8 march of 2006.

what i really want for my birthday is a win for roma against club brugge in the uefa cup. make that two wins, home and away, and then 2 more against the winner of stuttgart v middlesbrough match. come on roma, i know you are capable of this. we have the talent, the passion, the will. please just let it all come together at the same time for once. that's not too much to ask for, is it? i'd really enjoy that kind of extra special birthday giftie.

oh, and there are other games.....
the bolton v marseille match-up looks tasty as does the udinese v lens. we also have basel v monaco, lokomotiv moskva v sevilla, schalke v espanyol....... dare i say it but the uefa cup actually looks interesting!

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Elisa said...

Nikki - once again great post.

Here are my pics
Chelsea v. Barca - Barca this time. Sorry Nikki & Jenny. It's all about payback.
Pool v. Benfica - Definitely Pool. I think our loss in Japan will rejuvenate the team.
Arsenal v. Madrid - My two teams, so confusing. I kinda give the edge to Madrid becuz of the history and ghosts.
Inter v. Ajax - at last Inter get an easy round. They should be able to take it unless they collapse per norm.
Juve v. Bremen - C'mon Bremen! C'mon the ugliest kit in footy! C'mon! Upset!
Rangers v. Villarreal - gotta give it up to Riquelme, Sorrin, and Gonzalo.
Lyon v. PSV - this time I think Lyon will take it. Payback time!
Milan v. Munich - ahaahahahaha - Munich has the edge here for sure.

But such exciting games I can't wait.

And finally a good UEFA cup. Come on Roma! Club Brugge is a tough team with Portillo on loan from Madrid. But we can do it. Totally Cinderella blood in Roma!

And poor little Udinese - it has been a terribly hard year with so many highs and lows. I hope Iaquinta and our 6 other players are healthy so we can take it to Lens. We have such potential and an insane coach with a baseball cap.

I am really excited though so many competitive teams this year. Go Uefa cup!