23 December 2005

week 19 of ligue 1

lyon lose. yes, you read that correctly, the mighty lyon finally lost a game. the lyon fans didn't seem to enjoy a great performance from lille. things weren't going too well with lyon: cris was screaming at his defense, carew was yellowed for a dive, fred got rid of his 'fro & braided his hair all rio ferdinand style. and that's not cool. lille's #17 (makoun), on the other hand, has cute sticky-uppy hair. govou (who has not-so-cute sticky-uppy hair) does manage to score a lovely goal for lyon but that's about all they can do. they even feel extra hard done-by when they score & it's called back for a non-existent foul on the lille keeper.
the cuties at auxerre lose at home to nancy to a penalty. the boy (zerka) who takes it & scores then celebrates by brandishing a zorro-like 'z' in the air. *cough*dork*cough*
another interesting goal celebration over at rennes for st. etienne. the vistors win 1-0 and there are cheerleading hurkeys all around.
and then there is my personal fav goal celebration, the shirt removal. yes, we see less & less of it, but it has been the boys in the french league who have been ignoring the stupid yellow card punishment & go for it anyways. (i heartily approve.) so this boy at lens decides to take off his shirt & has another jersey underneath it. the exact same jersey. and he STILL gets a yellow! c'est ridicule! at least lens won 2-0.
oh! and the best news is that ajaccio actually score a goal!!! the little corsicans don't win the game but hey, it's our first goal since october 16th and i'll take what i can get right now. a point against psg seems like a good way to go into the winter break. they can refresh & come back next year & climb out of that relegation zone. *fingers crossed*

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Elisa said...

Lyon needed and rest and so did Auxerre. They both come back to some great wins. As well as PSG. Lots of goals and very exciting stuff week 20!