10 December 2005

week 14 & 15 of ligue 1

everyone have been pretty inconsistent in france lately (barring lyon & ajaccio, in different ways, of course). take bordeaux who have been doing well of late. another win away from home against nice but then they manage to lose at home to an equally inconsistent psg. psg scored twice in that game - the first goals by psg at bordeaux in 6 years! and our cutie pauletta had a great goal, as usual.
marseille, too, lost at le mans but then managed a win at home against nancy. the first goal of that game was a beauty - assist with a backheel. i love cheeky backheels. and player of the month, ribery, scored a beautiful goal. he really is the "it" boy in france right now.... expect those chelsea bid rumours to start flying.
the hotties that are auxerre are still doing well. they drew away to st. etienne and then won 3-2 against lille in a great game. my personal top hottie, pieroni, was star of the show. he had a fabulous assist for the first goal, scored the second via a penalty and then seals a hattrick (of sorts) with a nice goal.
nothing or no one seems able to stop lyon. they win away at toulouse and then cris scores twice against troyes to continue their outstanding form. when your defenders are scoring for fun, you know you are doing well.
i would take anyone scoring for my little ajaccio at this point. we can barely manage shots on goal anymore. 2 more games, 2 more losses. *sigh*


Elisa said...

Poor Marseille and Monaco have lost the plot. It looks like mid-table mediocraty for this year.

Oh I just love Gregory Coupet in goal for Lyon! I think he makes a better brunette, but he is hot! And Fred's back to Led Zepp hair is amazing. What is up with the Brazilians. Did you see that guy Barreto from Udinese with the Addams Family hair?

Pauleta is trying to light a fire under his teammate's a**es. Vive!

Nikki from the Treble said...

i agree elisa - coupet needs to go back to his darker hair.