10 December 2005

week 11 & 12 of serie a

oh roma roma roma. why do you tease me this way? why do you want to break my heart? why do you reduce me to tears?
i can't even bring myself to discuss that rubentusbastardi game. all i will say is that it started off well. for 30 minutes, i thought "wow, we are playing some good football." but then i realized we hadn't scored. and i started to get that feeling that if we didn't soon, they would, and then it would be all over. and we didn't, they did, it was.
at least totti's haircut put a smile on my face when i saw it the week before against messina. and he had a great goal. and my cutie mexes scores. ah bliss. if i could have only skipped the next week. :-(
at least my luca toni kept me happy. he did his usual looking hot while scoring against ascoli and then the real fun begins.... luca toni v maldini/nesta. now that's all kind of hotness right there. and boy did he kept that milan defense busy. 2 goals for toni while it took me a good 30 minutes or so before i noticed sheva was on the pitch. not a good sign for milan. kaka was either fouling people left & right or actually making some good runs that didn't end up as actual goals. milan were unlucky not to have a penalty for a handball in the box but what was nesta doing as he missed the cross for the second viola goal? not his day, not maldini's day, and certainly not milan's day. i enjoyed the camera shots of galliani & friends in the stands looking more and more upset as the game went on. hee hee hee.


Elisa said...

someone has gotta stop Juve. Come on guys! Fiorentina! Livorno! someone!

Isn't it great that Milan is having a little meltdown now. Hee Hee!

Poor Udinese - just going from bad to worse. When Iaquinta is hurt, they just crash and burn. I hope they can recover and do well in the Uefa cup and league. But it doesn't look good. I hate their president. Why doesn't he shut up and stop bragging about selling his stars.

I just Totti's new hair cut. He really needed a change.

Nikki from the Treble said...

yes, please, someone send juve a crate of bad shrimp.