11 December 2005

week 14 of the epl

all seems normal in england... chelsea win again, sunderland lose again, titi scores a nice goal and then acts like a jerk....
oh and everton remember what a win tastes like. although it's at the expense of a missed handball in favour of newcastle. poor newcastle. even their midget has been sidelined lately.
it's the joey cole show at the pompey v chelsea game. and if you weren't driven mad by the dinner bell (??) you would have seen a nice crespo goal too.
the new boys continue to impress (well, aren't we all impressed by the absolute awfulness of sunderland?) even though they all lose this week. wigan try to come back against spurs, who are notorious for losing their concentration towards the end of the game, but it is not to be. maybe they were distracted by tottenham's ugly away kits. and west ham get off to a great start against manyoo... scoring in the first few minutes. but manyoo, or should i say rooney, bounce back and win it.
liverpool grind out another one-nil win. at least it was a nice risse goal.
and finally, the arse entertain us for some pretty goals. i was also highly entertained by blackburn & their bruiser boys (hello savage!) trying to break spanish legs (poor reyes). titi had a good enough goal to thump his chest in celebration *rolls eyes* but really, van persie's goal was better.

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bananas said...

yes indeed, van persie's goal was a sight to behold.