12 December 2005

week 17 & 18 of ligue 1

oh la la. 2 more games & two more losses for my little ajaccio. it seems like i say that every week. both of these were 1-0 so it would make all the difference in the world if we could just FREAKING SCORE A GOAL.
to be fair, we did score against troyes but it was unfairly called back. our finishing sucks- as witnessed here and against nice. we had a handful of fans who even travelled to that game. bless. at least we had some actual shots on goal for once. but that still doesn't change the fact that this was our 8th loss in a row.
losing is something lyon does not do. first they score twice against psg who never looked to be in the game. carew had a lovely goal, as did fred. but the next week, they are actually held to a draw at st. etienne. the fans for les verts were bouncy as usual & the shirtless gang was out in force even though it was obviously freezing. those are some tough boys. or they are drinking something special before/during the game. janot makes an excellent save from a juninho freekick & coupet makes an excellent save towards the end as well, so this ends 0-0.
the week before st. etienne lost to lens. perrin's goal for st. etienne was a cracker; he's quite a cutie and he's a born & bred st. etienne boy. bless. i don't think i have ever noticed how cute the lens keeper is either.
psg picked themselves up after the lyon game & won easily against rennes. 2 pauletta goals does the trick.
my auxerre are still up & down. they lose 1-0 against marseille but crushed nantes 4-0 the week before. my pieroni scores & it looks like he has had a recent haircut.... ah, even cuter than normal.
and finally, monaco take 4 points in 2 games to bounce back after the loss against marseille. modesto, the cutie, scores against le mans and almost manages to make it 2 in 2 games at nantes. it was so cold there that the boys on the bench were huddled under a blanket! they probably wanted to pull it over their heads when they saw adebayor have his penalty kick, and therefore the potential game winner, saved by the nantes keeper. ouch.


Jenny said...

I think you should send a christmas card to AC Ajaccio... or maybe write to Pere Noel and ask him to bring Ajaccio a goal.
Lyon are unbeatable (more or less). You KNOW Chelsea will draw Lyon in the next round of CL... oh la la.

Elisa said...

Lyon is just too good. Let's say Chelsea v. Barca or Chelsea v. Lyon or Chelsea v. Juve.

And what about Battles? I just love the French highlight show. All those are hot when they speak french.