11 December 2005

week 13 of serie a

roma v fiorentina
i know i have been waiting for this..... my cute roma defenders against luca toni (mmmm luca toni). yes, i've been worried. we haven't been playing well and toni is scoring left & right. but still, we all knew this was going to be good.
it starts really well for roma - tomassi & cassano both in the starting 11 and then they combine for tomassi to score in the 2nd minute. and then roma actually play some pretty football in the midfield and i am shocked. i will admit, i was already fretting, because we can never go ahead that early in a game and hold on to it but i was trying to be positive. i even feel like we have luck on our side when doni drops a shot but kuffour is there on the line to save what surely would have been a goal. yes, toni is trouble (the battle between him & mexes is all kinds of cute & they even start to get a little pushy with each other) but when he has a sure shot on goal & i know he's going to score, dacourt comes in with a perfectly timed tackle. he's taken off because of injury and my cutie aquilani comes on ( who seems to have taken after totti and got his hair cut too! it's darling!).
then, it all goes wrong. and not just a little wrong. this is roma so it has to go spectacularly wrong. my mexes, who was having an excellent game, gets a red card & fiorentina get a penalty. all undeserved. mexes looks to be in tears on the sideline and i'm right there with him. this is a typical day in the life of a roma supporter. toni, of course, takes the penalty & scores it and for once, i'm not pleased to see his goal tally rise. at least we still are fighting for a win as we are down to 10 men. you couldn't actually tell that they had one more player if you weren't told. and the other bright spot is that when cassano is subbed off, it is to applause rather than to the boos & whistles he received midweek in the uefa cup.
of course nothing else goes right in italy. lazio win, juvebastardi win. ibrahimovic is a major jerk & hits one of the treviso players in the head with the ball. and what exactly is alex del piero doing with his sideburns? they just look wrong.
milan manage a last second win via a pippo goal. it's just so cute when bobo runs over to hug him from the sidelines. it's not like he has anything better to do - he was warming up the whole second half and never came on.


Jenny said...

i hope Paolo gets a new knee for christmas.
Bobo really IS the biggest dud in Seria A... will he ever start another math this season? in his career?

Elisa said...

C'mon Jenny Bobo is a great cheerleader for Pippo!

For the record, Ibra is a big baby huey bully!