11 December 2005

week 13 of la liga

have i mentioned how scary good barcelona are right now? it's both beautiful & frightening to watch. at least the robot that is ronaldinho (if you are listening to the show, you get that joke) proves that he is human after all - he misses a penalty! *shock horror* he gets another chance, later in the game, and scores it, and he & messi & eto'o rip through santander's midfield & defense as if they are playing a youth squad. some amazing runs, some amazing goals from both eto'o & messi. *shivers* have i mentioned how scary good they are right now?
let's just use the word 'scary' for real madrid. if i was a madrid fan, i'd be scared of performances like the one against real sociedad. we could look at the bright side and say "well, they came back from 2-0 and managed a draw." and with the way they were playing, that is quite a feat. but really, it was pretty undeserved. they continue their red card madness (ramos again, becks almost) & zizou save them again but it's not looking good. unlike the real scoiedad boys, who do look good: prieto is a cutie.
then there are my cuties that are valencia. david villa scores again - he is darling - even if he won't shave off that stupid patch of hair from his chin. valencia had some great moves but some not-so-great finishing. luckily, it didn't hurt them and this was a relatively easy 2-0 win. and i didn't even mention how cute aimar was when he was finally subbed on in the second half! hot damn!
oh. my. god. did hell freeze over? because my bilbao finally won a game! their first since the first day of the season!! i'll take a hard fought 1-0, winning goal scored from a freekick. i'd take just about any kind of win right now.
and finally, my torres has gone missing again from the scoresheet and atletico madrid only manage a draw. they go ahead with a beautiful goal by luccan but then bad defending on a corner gives up the equalizer.


Elisa said...

I think Javi Clemente the new Bilbao coach is good for the team. Will he be enough to avoid relegation? Only time will tell.

Atletico - what is going on? They have these great players and just can't connect? I don't get it. Draw after draw?

And Valencia has just got to be the hottest team in Spain. Angulo looks much better with his natural hair color. I can finally drop my nickname for him "Fabio" ugh. Aimar is playing exceptionally well- his technical ability and foot skill on the ball is phenonmenal. Not to mention Vicente - boy did we miss him last year. Albelda and Baraja are doing fine. Villa is fab. Even Aurelio is playing well. And of course our hitman Ayala is solid in the back. Aupa Valencia!

Nikki from the Treble said...

valencia are easily the hottest team in spain! and they seem to be on a good run of form. but you're right, atl madrid just can't seem to get it together. :-(