11 December 2005

week 16 of ligue 1

some really good games in france this week & that doesn't even include the 1-1 draw between nice & lyon that everyone was celebrating. hey, even when lyon drop a couple of points, it's cause to celebrate.
first, we have an entertaining 1-1 draw between st. etienne & bordeaux. both teams are having excellent seasons so far and it shows. the players are up for it and the fans, well, the st. etienne fans always look up for anything. the display of the giant crest before the game starts is spectacular, only to be outdone by the shots of the shirtless boys in the stands. whatever that group is, i wanna become their friend. *ahem*
st. etienne give their fans something to celebrate by scoring first & the noise in the stadium is incredible. the players celebrate with cute little cheerleader-style leaps. bordeaux tie it up with a great goal but it looks to be st. etienne's day until a bordeaux defender hurts himself with a great save off the line. it only gets worse when darcheville (doesn't he have the best name in all of france??) gets a red card for kicking out at one of the st. etienne boys and this ends all square.
another great name, fabian cool, keeper for auxerre, has a good game and keeps a clean sheet in the le mans v auxerre match. my cutie pieroni scores a nice freekick. sometimes, picking your fantasy football players on looks alone works. i think i'll try picking the top 11 hotties next season and see how far that gets me.
marseille manage a win at home against monaco although their fans still seem less than pleased with their players. a ballboy almost gets yellow carded for being a little too enthusiastic & coming onto the pitch. bless.
my ajaccio lose again (big surprise) but i was entertained by the toulouse boys walking out onto the pitch, in their lavender kits, holding hands. *giggles* only in france. the corsicans have not scored in 5 weeks now. now that's depressing.
and finally, the match of the weekend turns out to be the psg v lens game - quite a goalfest. the psg fans give a nice display of the french flag before the real fireworks start. lens score within the opening minutes of the game but never fear, pauletta is here. he makes chipping the lens keeper look oh so easy. he actually does it twice in this game. too bad the psg defense can't hold things together. lens actually go up 4-1 at one point - the lens boys are so thrilled they perform cute little dances after goals 3 & 4 and the poor psg coach looks absolutely shellshocked on the bench. at least psg attempt a comeback but it's all too late in the end.


Elisa said...

St. Etienne is a fabulous team, they just need more fire power in the front. Julien Sable is hot too.

PSG without Pauleta is a problem. He is their whole team, just like Titi in Arsenal. Drives me crazy!

Auxerre and Bordeaux are playing some impressive ball. I love the teams playing underneath Lyon - very competitive. Even Lyon and Lens! Fascinating stuff!

Nikki from the Treble said...

oh yes, sable is a great captain; i find him inspirational. ;-)