15 August 2005

Trofeo Moretti

Italy has these 3 team mini-tourneys that are quite fun to watch. team A plays team B for 45 minutes then the loser plays team C in the next match with the winner playing team C in the final match. you score the normal points and whomever ends up with the most, wins a trofeo (trophy). this year's Trofeo Moretti (yes, as in birra) was held in Napoli between Juve, Inter & Napoli. poor Inter lost both their mini-matches and Napoli won the tournament after very bizarre penalties..... essentially it was a striker versus the goalie but the striker starts about 10 yards outside the box & does a little run-up/one-on-one against the goalie. Napoli scored both of theirs while poor Juve (*sniggers*) didn't score either kick.

be very sad if you missed this. here are just a few highlights:
the insane Napoli fans who booed and whistled Juve non-stop - even while Juve were playing Inter (and I *heart* them loads for that)
the insane Napoli fans who freaked out & rushed the camera every time they saw they were in a crowd shot
Rubentus's new jerseys: first their arrogance to put lo scudetto on both the front & back of the new home kit & making the away kit look like one big scudetto (it's all bright red with giant white & green stripes down the shirt)
Inter's #17 (Arrieta) who looks about 17 and did the most clumsy 17 yr old-esque fouls. bless his cute little self.
Figo's hair is not as big with Inter than it was with Real. I approve.
Zebina being his usual sh*t self, Capello having fits, Nedved & Del Piero looking as uninspiring as ever, all the mean-spirited fouls & nudges from the whole stinking squad... and don't even get me started on Camoranesi.
oh, and I can say something nice about the b*stards: Ibrahimovic's thighs are still lovely.


Jenny said...

I especially appreciated the non-stop whistling from the INSANE Napoli fans.
And all the camera phones that were in constant use.

Elisa said...

Nikki - I thought Inter looked a bit rusty against Napoli. Will this be another doom and gloom year for Inter with nothing to show?


Anonymous said...
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