05 February 2006

f.a. cup

fourth round games
hmmm. whom do we feel worse for? the arse, as cup holders, getting knocked out by bolton? or sunderland, who are having a pitiful season, getting knocked out by lower league brentford?

i'm going with sunderland but they were really nice goals by brentford's campbell so what can you do? the brentford fans went wild at the final whistle - esp. considering it was 1-1 up until the 89th minute - and there was a big happy pitch invasion. ah bless, the magic of the cup.
but you might not want to talk about the "magic" with arsenal right now. or say the b-word. you know, their bogeymen, bolton wanderers. the bolton fans were loving it & i certainly enjoyed their very loud rendition of "same old arsenal, always cheating" and it was a great goal - beautiful pass from gardener for a stelios header.
stupid liverpool manage a win; at least cisse saved off his turdhawk.
the west ham v blackburn game was very entertaining, lots of goals, lots of back & forth. zamora scored twice, and celebrated the second by shooting an arrow. i guess he was on target, eh?
chelsea have to squeeze in a replay after only managing a 1-1 draw against everton. my carlo looked mighty hot in goal but his hotness could not stop mcfadden from scoring. jose was displeased enough to have to stand up and frown at his players. god he's sexy when he does that. and my superfrankie lampard saved the day with a goal... even better, he was shirtless after the final whistle. also of note, glen johnson does exist (and almost gets into a fight with arteta) and i finally figured out the weirdness of robben: he runs with jazz hands. i swear. watch him in the next chelsea game.
manyoo were easy winners against wolves and set up a fantastic 5th round game against liverpool. who says the cup isn't still exciting?

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Elisa said...

Poor Arsenal. I blame it all on Well uh.... the manager. You need to play your top team if you want to compete. Same applies to the Carling Cup. I just don't get his motivation skills. The team is really going thru a wobble. Well never a dull moment.