24 June 2012

Quarter-Final: England v Italy

And so, color me not surprised to see our first 0-0 with this last quarter-final. Jenny called it before the game: 0-0, extra-time, penalties. Of course she was right.
What was surprising was that it wasn't a more evenly matched game; sure, the 0-0 scoreline might make it seem that way but let's be honest: Italy pretty much dominated this game. They just lacked finishing; they lacked a true goal poacher, another Pippo Inzaghi. Mario Balotelli, on the other hand, is more the battering ram style of striker - more Bobo than Pippo - and while the big striker had plenty of chances, he didn't manage to score.
England had a few chances as well but kept losing possession. They looked tired and out of ideas by the second half but were fairly valiant in defending. And by extra time, neither team looked like they'd give Germany any trouble in the semifinal. Pirlo is a great football but I doubt he alone can defeat a talented team like the Germans.

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