29 January 2006

week 21 of serie a

roma play their famous 4-6-0 & not only win again this week, but score 4 goals! maybe this is exactly what we needed all along!
well, not really. i would like to have strikers again one day but hey, no complaints here. not when, even without totti, we manage 4 goals away from home (and only 1 conceeded). i do admit that we were also helped this week by that udinese boy, pinzi, being stupid enough to punch cufre within the first 30 minutes & get himself sent off. i know cufre is no saint but at least i haven't seen him throw any punches... lately. mancini was the star with a penalty (won by a great run by chivu!) & a nice goal in the 2nd half (celebrated with a cute little dance & semi-cartwheel). de rossi had a great header & chivu scored the 2nd penalty (won by mancini). taddei had a good game & the denfense looked fairly solid once again. it feels pretty crazy to be able to revel in some solid roma performances.... i vaguely remmeber this warm fuzzy feeling & it's nice to have it back. the only weird thing... why did the celebrations for both de rossi & chivu's goals consist of knocking those boys down with over-enthusiastic slaps?? is that part of the new team spirit? shouldn't it be less ouchy?
the milan game was a snoozearama even though they won 3-0. i refuse to say anything nice about rubentus b*stardi but i will say that the empoli goal against them was a really lovely freekick. figo had a great freekick as well in inter's 3-0 win over palermo. and isn't his hair a billion times better now that it's calm and flat? i wish someone would let palermo's keeper lupatelli know that those "crazy" sideburns are soooo over.
over like luca toni's (mmmm luca toni) dry spell. fiorentina win 2-0 against messina and who scores both goals? yup, the hottest striker in all of italy. and once again, they are both nice goals. i cannot wait until he's at the world cup scoring nice goals for italy. surely his shirt will come off at some point. oh! go over right now to the treble's myspace page to get a link to a great hottie photo (www.myspace.com/thetreble). three guesses who it involves and the first 2 don't count. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Um, Nedved? BoBo?

Oh. Maybe the picture might just be of that Toni guy.

... do you think ESPN/ABC might be smart enough to feature Toni prominently in their World Cup previews and promos? They might get the attention of a few female viewers by showing him before the tourney starts.

Nikki from the Treble said...

that's a brilliant idea! you're a marketing genius stranger.

Elisa said...

OOH I just love that Roma are on a run! I even added Mexes and De Rossi to my fantasy team. (I already have Taddei). Wishful thinking maybe, I know. But Roma can do it and come infront of Milan and Inter. Forza Roma!