29 January 2006

week 23 of the epl

so what was the most exciting news here? arsenal losing to everton? manyoo beating liverpool? or chelsea being held to a draw at home against charlton?
oh, i know! it has to be sunderland finally winning a game!!! yup, in a vain attempt to claw their way up the table (not a chance in hell), sunderland actually beat west brom on their travels. yes, the goal kinda bounced off the west brom defender but hey, when you are not winning any games, you'll take what you can get. did i mention they really don't have a prayer for beating the drop? bless.
things aren't really going all that well for newcastle either... they really miss the midget don't they? i know that the blackburn goal was technically a 'hand of god' type of goal but that didn't stop the fans booing the players as they walked off the pitch.
i also feel bad for the spurs fans. was it a billion shots on goal for tottenham & villa's keeper managed to keep them all out?? the look on some of the spurs players' faces was priceless: "how the f*ck did that end 0-0"?
if the refs could get the offside call correct, the london derby between chelsea & charlton wouldn't have ended 1-1. crespo was called offside at least 3 times that could have ended in fantastic scoring opportunities and he was clearly level and/or not offside at all. advantage to the attcker people!!! esp when it's already that close! and you know jose cannot be pleased that we end the second game in a row with 10 men.
speaking of sending offs, wow, little fabregas had a bit of a freak out at the end of that arsenal loss to everton. his throttling of cahill even had his captain titi giving him an earful... at least that's a good captainy thing for titi to do. it's too bad he couldn't get his defense to wake up. beattie slid between 2 defenders to score & should have had a second from a very lame fabregas backpass.
the man city defenders were asleep as well - or still high off that manchester derby win - when they let in those 2 goals against bolton. no one was paying any attention to nolan when he scored off a freekick. oh, and missing man borgetti gets a start & gets himself a goal. good for him.
but we all know the real controversy of the weekend was gary neville and his excessive kissing of his, er, badge. yes, that's a disturbing image, but even i, while i shudder, can see the silly here. rio scores the winning goal & neville celebrates a little too much apparently. now, if you have listened to the show at all, you'll know i have very strong feelings about passion in the modern game and how i feel like the football associations/authorities are trying to take all the passion out of the game. yes, i have a personal interest when it comes to hotties not being able to rip their shirts off in celebration but now we've come to this?? don't kiss the badge of the club that means everything to you (in neville's case)? this is getting ridiculous. not as ridiculous as cisse's hair of course. the turdhawk looks slightly fluffy this week. i can not tell if this is better or worse.


jtgulls said...

Nikki, do I have your permission to use the name "Sucky McSuckerson" for my fantasy team next season?

Or, do you have that copyrighted for future use?

Thanks and we need more "la la la" moments on the show - love those.

Take care

Nikki from the Treble said...

JT, the "sucky mcsuckerson" is all yours next season because you know i'll just keep making up new words every week. ;-)

Elisa said...

Liverpool is going thru a bit of a crisis - striker dry, too many games, tired, mental MELLTDDDDDDOWN.. But we gotta pick ourselves up! C'mon you Reds!