22 January 2006

week 22 of epl

ok ok. let me sing the praises of titi first & foremost and then you can't accuse me of being biased against the arse.... well, we still all know i am but even i can admit it when they deserve some praise. and let's face it, titi is a hottie. so a hottie getting a hattrick is totally worth mentioning anytime, no matter what team.
so arsenal v middlesbrough. oh dear. poor boro. it really was all arse attack and when they were 4-0 up at half, i wasn't going to blame the boro boys if they didn't want to come back out of the dressing room. so, besides a fabulous hattrick from titi (his first goal was the prettiest of all 7 goals in the game) there was a nice header from senderos. another high point for gunner fans was ashley cole being subbed on - and let's face it, we can all cheer the addition of a cutie. and speaking of cuties... i definitely noticed that fabregas is actually getting better looking. the chopping off of his spanish mullet helped but he seems the maldini type who will be better looking as he gets older. but back to boro... what the hell was going on? in the first half they were just too timid; they really could have closed the arse midfielders/forwards down & stopped some of the shots they were making. and i can't really blame them for being disspirited by the second half.
sunderland were full of spirit when chelsea came to town & things started with a bang for them when jt (!!!) made a mistake & knocked a ball straight to the opposition and sunderland score first. we all know jose won't tolerate another loss so crespo equalized and then robben had the winner. the only problem was that robben was so happy to score the winner, and save them all from jose's wrath, that he celebrated with the fans and got a second yellow and was off. d'oh.
that's nothing compared to the cards (and handbags) flying during the blackburn v bolton game. it was a nasty derby with lots of rough tackles. nakata had 2 yellows within 30 minutes and bolton were down to 10 men. big sam had to leave his spot in the stands and come to the sidelines to scream his bloody head off for the rest of the game. i'm sure he scared the bolton players into keeping the game at 0-0.
big same fashion watch: white shirt, shortish black tie, long black scarf & long black coat(very jose)
poor spurs. i was really rooting for them to beat liverpool. keane missed the perfect chance at the beginning of the 2 nd half and then stupid kewell scoes with his stupid double ponytails, but really, who cares about kewell's hair when there is the disaster that is cisse. holy crap. and i do mean crap because that's exactly what it looks like on top of cisse's head right now. so very awful.
awful could also be the description we give manyoo's defense.... oh what a derby if you're a city fan, a manyoo hater or even just a neutral. it was everything that blackburn-bolton derby wasn't.
i was slightly worried for city when it was announced that david james had a slight injury problem & there wasn't a substitute keeper on the bench... shades of glen johnson in goal for chelsea came to me. but really, it wasn't city's keeper who was all that busy.
the first goal by sinclair was classic stupidity by the manyoo defense who assumed he was offside and they stopped playing. not that smart. the whole defense switches off again for the vassell goal and suddenly you begin to wonder how bad it will be for manyoo! one look at sir alex's face turning a terrible shade of purple confirms this notion. rooney doesn't help matters by getting a yellow for his usual dissent. will that boy ever learn?
it only gets worse for manyoo in the second half - even with their hardman alan smith coming in. the real trouble starts with ronaldo rolling about on the ground after a tackle & being upset that the foul wasn't called. so what does the genius do? he retaliates with a nasty tackle of his own. and gets a red card. big surprise.
needless to say, the manyoo defense is in a complete shambles by the time robbie fowler comes on & he seals it in injury time. cue fans going absolutely wild, esp the ones hugging pearce. i can only imagine the response of the 43 friends & relatives from cork who came over to see city's ireland in his first manchester derby. bless.

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Elisa said...

A nice flashback of the good ol' Arsenal. Aw memories...