22 January 2006

week 19 & 20 of serie a

i can't believe i am celebrating 2 roma wins within a week. i almost forgot what it felt like to be on a winning streak.... and damn! i like it. no, change that, i f*cking love it.
who needs a striker when you have francesco totti?? maybe getting rid of cassano really was what we needed right now... for once, in a very little time, there doesn't seem to be strife at the club. we have a stable manager and we have a team of players that pretty much get along. dare i say it but we actually have some team spirit and it shows.
it shows when all your strikers are broken but you are still winning games. we score 3 past reggina (at home!) but more importantly, for our morale at least, we score one against milan and that's all that was needed.
i am still bitter about the milan win 2 seasons ago at home when we were neck and neck for the title & our bad performance & loss that day essentially ended our title hopes. and it didn't look good to me when this game started... it was all milan attacks from the get go. but then i noticed something weird.... we had a defense for once! mexes & chivu were actually working together (as i always hoped they would - and there is the added bonus that they are both so damn cute). it was 0-0 at the break but i wasn't as nervous as i usually am. although that changed as soon as the second half started and it was all milan again. but our ridiculously cute defense were still going strong. and totti was having a good game (which is why nesta, for old time's sake, got a yellow for fouling his lost love, totti) and then mancini, the forgotten boy, is subbed on & scores. and we hold on! we never do that!! we held on to a 1-0 lead over milan - even after the super-diving pippo is subbed on to win them a penalty - and suddenly, i'm feeling more positive about my roma than i have in a long, long time.
let's enjoy this while it lasts......

oh, other games happened too...
my luca toni (mmmm luca toni) finally breaks out of his scoring slump with 2 in a win against chievo and then another one in a loss against sampdoria. and dammit, he didn't rip off his shirt with happiness! what the hell is wrong with that boy?
lazio could only manage 2 draws (ha ha!), juve b*stardi at least drop a couple points in a draw against chievo, inter keep on winning and milan bounce back after the roma defeat with a win against ascoli.
but honestly, none of that matters when the sun is shining on my roma. :-)

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Elisa said...

It is great to see Totti on fire. I hope they don't burn him out.