22 January 2006

week 22 of ligue 1

ajaccio lose again so i can't really say that i am all that surprised that my little corsicans fired their coach. the problem is that we are not totally hopeless and yet we keep losing. take this match against le mans. we hit the post at least 3 times in the first half alone. we had chances, we were keeping it together at the back but we just couldn't score. and then, in true typical fashion, the other team scores the winner in the dying moments of the game, deep in injury time, with a shot deflected off our own defender. if that just doesn't sum up our season then i don't know what does.
and hello, how much humiliation do we need? why is our poor keeper playing in cotton candy pink?? *cries*
let me distract myself by talking about bobo & his first game with monaco. yes, jenny's new favourite french team gave their new superstar his first start. bobo, the new #36, didn't have a terrible game, he had a few chances, but he didn't exactly light up the match either. oh and monaco lost too. you can't blame that on bobo... their defense was quite a mess for that one goal and it was against bordeaux who is fighting neck & neck with auxerre for the 2nd spot behind lyon.
because, of course, lyon keep on winning. they score 2 past nancy who did have some chances but a team that doesn't finish their few chances against lyon is a team that is going to lose. especially when there are players like fred who are scoring pretty headers for the champions.
fred should watch out because marseille have yet another new bright young thing that everyone is talking about: delfine, a young player from portugal. he's a cutie & he gave a man of the match type of performance against rennes in the 1-0 win at marseille. he was everywhere: saves shots off the line, creating chances for goal (pagis scores off his assist) or almost scoring himself. watch this boy, he has the makings of a star. oh and i don't think i have ever noticed how cute the rennes' keeper is! hottie alert!
i would never call fabien cool of auxerre a hottie but i can attest how fantastic it is that he finally shaved off his hair. he had a balding patch bigger than zizou but then he let the rest grow down to his shoulders. it was pretty horrific. almost as horrific as lens' defense when they gave the ball away for that auxerre goal in the 1-0 win.
and finally, psg try to keep up with the running for the spots in europe with a win against troyes. pauletta scores, as usual, but troyes' ba equalizes and celebrates with some cute hip hop poses before his defense falls asleep & lets psg pass the ball around as if in a training match & it ends as a goal. i don't think there was any dancing in the troyes dressing room after that mess.

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Elisa said...

I think the directors acted harshly when they got rid of PSG's coach. We are so inconsistent, lack confidence. It will be hard to get it together.