05 March 2006

week 21 & 22 of la liga

let's talk about the basque teams starting with a derby between alaves & real sociedad where alaves' cutie aloisi scored in their 3-1 win. at least sociedad won the following week against mallorca. osasuna also had one win (against sevilla) and one loss (against betis). they haven't been able to keep up the form that saw them tied with barca at the beginning of the season but they should be able to secure a spot in europe next season. that would be especially nice as 3 basque teams are fighting relegation: alaves, sociedad & my bilbao. poor bilbao: for every necessary win against teams like getafe there is a loss against someone like fellow strugglers malaga. and you can see why when there was terrible marking against freekicks & malaga score both their goals from these set pieces.

the cuties of valencia manage 4 points from 2 games to try to keep pace for 2nd. supercutie aimar secures the point against zaragoza & then cutie david villa scores one of the goals of the season against deportivo - he looks up from just past the halfway line & sees the keeper off his line so he takes a shot & scores a beauty.

real madrid are the other team fighting for 2nd place & manage 2 wins in these 2 weeks. there's a hard fought win against celta and then a drumming of espanyol. zizou is the star of the later with a great goal, some great moves & a desperate need of a shave.

but it's the other madrid team who was making headlines with their 2 wins. the first was against deportivo in a very entertaining game. maxi had 2 goals and no one went blind from depor's chartreuse kits (i hope). but the bigger win was the one that came against the mighty barcelona at the nou camp. it must have been that torres got his hair cut - the mullet is gone! rejoice! the fauxhawk is back! - or that atletico madrid just happen to be barca's boogey team. either way, it was a great win. my torres scores not just once but twice & the barca defense looks a mess for both of those and the easy tap in by maxi. now, if only they could produce this type of magic against real madrid.... we all know that is torres's real dream.

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Elisa said...

It is getting really interesting in La Liga of late. The big showdown for No 2 is this weekend. Also the relegation battle is intense. It is anyone's game here. I just hope that we don't find all the Basque teams dropping down to the second division. =(

I am very happy in Atletico and the reserve coach. He is really inspiring better football and a good mental state for the team.

3 more weeks for Vicente to return to Valencia. They really need to play Fabio Aurelio more, but I think he and Quique don't see eye to eye. He is probably on his way out in the summer. =(