05 March 2006

week 24 & 25 of serie a

look at that... 2 more games and two more roma wins. ok, so one of them was a lucky win with a questionable penalty in the last minutes against cagliari. it was an exciting game: 7 goals, 2 red cards, 3 yellows... and of course, i can say exciting since we won it in the end. roma didn't play all that great against siena but as i said, luck is on our side as when the siena keeper's bad clearance lands perfectly for a nice mancini chip who celebrates by walking on his hands. what a talented boy. want to see another talented boy? take a look at de rossi's goal. oh how i love my roma boys.

there were other games.... fiorentina beat inter one week but then lose against livorno in a tuscan derby. both games are without a luca toni goal! mmmm luca toni got a haircut and he is so damn hot. too bad he had a penalty shot saved against livorno. lucarelli, on the other hand, scores a penalty & another fine goal in that game.

milan go goal crazy & score 5 against treviso and 4 against reggina while only conceeding one. and much to all of our dismay, that includes a pippo hattrick. ewwww.

there was also this little game called il derby d'italia between inter & juventus. it was a great advert for italian football - lots of chances for both sides, lots of attacking play, lots of derby-esque hard fouls. gigi's hair is pretty awful... he should really talk to ibrahimovic who just shaved his head. nedved is up to his usual tricks: falling down every chance he gets & acting like a bus hit him. and the coaches are both in their roman scarves: manicini in his usual light blue lazio & capello sports a roma red one. very interesting. it's just too bad that in the end, inter couldn't at least grab a point when recoba's freekick hit the bar & no one could score the rebound. all we can hope for is bad shrimp at juve's victory dinner.

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Elisa said...

Luccarelli plays like a mad man. But gotta love him. He's gotta a large face tho.

Mancini is just such a different player from last year. Night and Day. He is really showing his creative flare. Love it!

I kinda like Gigi's hair. Have you seen the Gilette World Cup show and Gigi's modeling...kinda nice. Of course it does not compare to Raul, but still nice.

Luca Toni mmmmmm!