05 March 2006

week 22 & 23 of serie a

ah milan, what went wrong? you are playing some boring football, all you can do is draw matches (a 0-0 against lazio & a 1-1 versus sampdoria) which gets you no closer to the b*stardi. are you all just missing your paolo a little too much? i know he's beautiful & inspiring & all that but come on....

or are you just as sickened by the usual nonsense that is juventus. fine, i'll give them the win against ascoli but that farce that was the 1-0 against udinese??! just another 3 points for juve.... nedved diving, the other team going down to 10 men, an offside goal that somehow counts.... *sigh*

inter are keeping pace with two wins - both good games by figo. my luca toni scores (mmmm luca toni) in fiorentina's win over lecce.

but the real news is my roma, continuing to win (two 3-0 wins!), even without strikers (6 goals and no strikers!). the first against livorno gives us 2 totti goals & one from taddei and then the 3-0 against parma gives us 2 mancini goals and one from perrotta. there was some nice team play & some pretty passes for the goals. and it is nice to see team spirit amongst the roma boys... taddei going to hug conti on the sidelines, the dancing after the mancini goals, the slapping each other to celebrate goals... well, it's an interesting celebration to say the least.

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Elisa said...

Poor Udinese they are having such bad luck. Iaquinta just does not want to be there. Believe it or not both Udinese and Roma are still in Coppa Italia and the Uefa cup.

Ooh I hate Juve and Milan. The league is pretty much done. The only excitement is the fight for 4th, UEFA and the relegation battle.

Roma needs to dig deep. This is a trying time for Roma. They need to play with passion and heart. The little engine that could. C'mon Roma you can do it! Yeah what is with the Head slapping. Not really a "good dog" pat, but a slap. Interesting... If if builds team unity, I am all for it. I am so happy that finally Gol TV is airing Roma games. I am so sick and tired of watching the big 3. OK they won the top 3 spots...boring...let's watch the real games now. More Roma, Livorno, Fiorentina, Udinese... c'mon!