14 June 2012

Matches 13 & 14

Typical f'cking Italy. Looking good, impressing, scoring and then.... DOING ABSOLUTELY BLOODY NOTHING. And so Croatia score & then they wake up and are like "Oh? What? Wait? Where are we?" and by then it is too late. After years of watching the national team I can not be surprised, just disappointed. Again. Balotelli looked better than Cassano did in this match but still didn't score. But the best Italian moment was Gigi really feeling the national anthem, eyes squeezed shut tight & belting it out.
And then there was poor Ireland. Bad timing facing Spain when the European/World champions felt the need to prove their worth so to speak. A great 4-0 win for them with my little blondie bear getting two goals. See what happens when you play a striker?
I can't wait for the final games of this group. The Irish playing for pride while Italy needs the win to advance and Croatia going all out for a win against a resurgent Spain. Should be fantastic!

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