16 June 2012

Matches 17 & 18

Ridiculous day of football. Dear god.
At first I was worried we were going to get our first 0-0 game with both matches heading there close to halftime.
And then all hell breaks loose.
I admit I expected Greece v Russia to not even be a contest so I watched Czech Republic v Poland. And after awhile, when there were quite a few chances for the Czechs that they kept missing and Poland didn't seem to be doing much, I would switch over to the other game, where Russia (!!) didn't seem to be doing much. Incredible. I am still amazed that Russia played so poorly against Greece; they simply looked out of steam and/or ideas. And Greece did what they did in 2004: defend defend defend and nick a goal.
It's a shame though that Russia are out. I was really looking forward to seeing them up against a really good, quick-paced side, someone like Portugal maybe, and see if Russia could really show us their capabilities. But alas, in this funny old game of football, surprises like this always happen in these big tournaments so I guess I should have seen this coming.
Ciao Russia, and thank you Dzagoev for all the fantasy points. I look forward to see you guys at the next tournament.

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