15 June 2012

Matches 15 & 16

Well those matches left me breathless! What a crazy day of football.
First there was the Ukraine v France game which was suspended & delayed because of a pretty spectacular thunderstorm with some scary-looking lightning, But once it was safe to resume play, the game was an open, back & forth affair. Both teams had chances but it was France's two goals in a crazy four minutes in the second half that made the difference and the Ukrainian team just couldn't get back in it. 
And because of the delay, as soon as that game was finished, it was straight away time for Sweden v England. And if we thought the first game was crazy, this one was even crazier. Back & forth, great goals, bad defending, actual attacking play... it was a little bit difficult to remember that this was an England game. Honestly, I can't recall the last England game that was as entertaining as this one and am still amazed they didn't give up a third goal. As it is, Sweden becomes the second team to be knocked out of the tournament but the other three teams all still have a chance to make it to the quarter finals.
And we still haven't had one 0-0 encounter after two full rounds of matches!

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