11 January 2006

week 18 of la liga

let me categorically state right now that i deny anything to do with the outbreak of food poisoning at atletico madrid. besides, we all know i heart torres; i would never wish bad shrimp on him! ;-)
but there was more than just upset tummies happening in spanish football this past week....barcelona took the winter champions title with a win in the catalan derby. the pouring rain didn't put a damper on things, esp. when barca keeper valdez prepared with what had to have been a seriously scary amount of hair gel. no, really, his hair didn't move in the driving rain. it looked exactly the same in minute 90 as it did at the start of the game. now that's impressive. but so were the rest of his team. belletti had a cool fake out shot at goal (too bad the 2nd real shot didn't end up in the net - thanks to espanyol's keeper) & eto'o gave us yet another pretty goal. but espanyol weren't too shabby either. de la pena was everywhere, kameni the keeper did well, the goal from tamudo was good and i discovered a new hottie.... i think it was jarque but it's going to require more, er, research.
the racing santander game (at osasuna) also brought some players to my attention.... one for the wrong reason. i give you, in the proud tradition of skunk boy, hedgehog boy, the scorer of racing's goal, antonito. there is no other way to describe his hairstyle. trust me here. luckily, i was distracted by oriol, also of racing, as a new cutie. it's all cuties or hair freaks in spain, isn't it? anyway, the osasuna freekick was a beauty but they couldn't find a winner & are now 4 points behind barca. i at least hope they can hold on to a CL spot for next year but let's face it, unless the whole barca team gets struck by bad shrimp for a whole month, they are winning this league come may.
real madrid certainly can't catch them with 0-0 draws like the one at villareal. yes, at least the defense kept a clean sheet but where was the attacking spark? it was more of a disappointment for villareal that they couldn't score at home against the former galacticos.
the other madrid side, feeling better than they did midweek, could only manage a 0-0 too. as it was a home game, the fans were none too pleased with this outcome, even if it was against a very hot & very good valencia. and we had yet another battle of bad hairs. torres & his long blond locks versus canizares & his bleached blond mullet. ewww.
but the worst hair of the weekend award might have to go to mallorca's jonas. not only is he sporting a harry kewell special (double ponytails) but his are much longer & highlighted. and just like hedgehog boy, he scores. is their super (goal scoring) power in their locks???
and then there's my bilbao. their defense against deportivo shows exactly why they are struggling at the bottom of the table: first goal conceded was an own goal. not just an own goal but one that 2 different bilbao defenders race to push into their own net. second goal conceded was a freekick that bounced right between the keeper's knees and into the net.
need i say more?

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Elisa said...

What is going on with Atletico? No more Bianchi and they are still in a bad slump. Looks like they are going to sign up for Intertoto during the summer. Per El NiƱo!

Espanyol looks like they are improving and on a good run. Tamudo is back.

Racing is on a very good run as well.

Barca's winning is going to their head a bit. It appears they have the refs wrapped around their fingers. Every game they get a penalty call. Hmmmmm.

Villareal is in a slump as well. What is going on with Riquelme? His free kick finesse seems to be lost.

All so exciting in the La Liga. Quite a competition!