08 January 2006

weeks 18, 19, 20 & 21 of the epl

i know, i know. i am totally cheating by doing all of the holiday fixtures in one entry. i accept that criticism. you're right, i am lazy. well, really, it's more like stupidly busy than lazy. i'd like nothing more than to watch footy all day & then write all about it for your entertainment.
so on to the entertaining....
those jealous ones will say that chelsea was far from entertaining in their 4 wins out of 4 over the holidays. i, of course, am not one of them. i was very entertained by being at stamford bridge when frankie scored against fulham. and come on, you must admit, with our ridiculous defensive mistakes that night, that it was an entertaining game. fulham played well and cech had quite a blackout for that mcbride goal. it was a beauty of a goal by crespo for the winner. the west ham game was another cracker; those hammer fans sure don't like frankie. poor dear was booed the whole game. even his nice goal against them didn't stop the boos. imagine that. west ham equalize right from the 2nd half restart - jose can't be pleased with the lack of concentration there. and then crespo is the hero again - is subbed on in the 2nd half & with his 2nd touch, scores. he actually had so many chances that he sort of turned into a villian - he really should have had a hattrick with the number of misses he had. i hope he practices considering we are about to lose drogba to the african cup.
both manyoo & the arse can only manage 2 wins & 2 draws - one of those draws against each other in a good 0-0 game. i love games that can still be entertaining even without goals to prove doubters wrong. it was not as firey as the last encounters but rooney did try his best to get booked by mouthing off whenever he could. roy would be proud.
spurs actually picked up more points with 3 wins & one loss. mido has at least shaved & defoe is the new keane (coming off the bench & scoring great goals). the most entertaining of the wins was the one against newcastle - and i am not saying that because the midget was off by halftime with a broken foot! i do feel bad for him actually (yes, i did say i feel bad for owen) after the horrible treatment he got from the liverpool fans during the newcastle visit on boxing day. the meanies booed owen's every touch. it's not like he left with harsh words, hating the reds.... come on people, he begged to come back. and these fans cheer every f*cking breathe their precious stevie g takes when he spent the whole summer almost leaving them for chelsea??? that tells me all i need to know about liverpool fans right there. anyway, they won that game, pretty easily, and i had to laugh when a crouch goal was given as an own goal yet again. poor guy. *sniggers* oh and what the hell is going on with cisse's hair??? the colour is all patchy. it looks very wrong. at least their winning streak was stopped by bolton. bolton looked good and in my unbiased opinion (ha!) they deserved the win. and damn! how dirty could those liverpool players be??? just some awful awful tackles and little nudges and dives for freekicks..... they sure showed their ugly face when they had an actual scrap of a game. well, i've only ever thought it was the spanish boys who were the cuties of the team.....
big sam fashion watch: black & white stripey shirt with a too short solid black tie. hmmm. who ate all the christmas pies?
other entertaining games from the holidays:
the wigan v man city shoot out was great fun. not the best defensive display in the world but good back & forth. man city had an awful christmas with 3 losses and only one draw from this period. wigan won 2, lost 2 but are still in the top 6.
everton did the same - 2 & 2 - and unfortunatelky one of those losses was a 4-0 drumming by aston villa. villa looked better than they have in quite some time... even if they got lucky with a handball by baros to get the ball rolling. so to speak. villa will have to be pleased with a 0-0 against arsenal & then a goos win at west brom. they had tons of chances in that game, they just need to have some better finishing and they'll be fighting for europe rather than relegation in no time.
and while we are dreaming, if only spurs could finish ahead of the arse at the end of the season....


Elisa said...

So what is going on with Fatty Bum at Chelski, I mean Joey Cole. All of a sudden he believes he is somebody and pisses off the Special One. Cmon Fatty you are no Crespo. What is the gossip Nikki?

Rooney should not be given the captain's band ever. He is too much.

Poor Arsenal - having a mental meltdown. Good to hear from Titi and his love for the club. C'mon Well uh... make him an offer he cannot turn down to stay with the Gunners. Titi is such class!

Nikki you are just jealous of Liverpool. I am very proud of our Reds playing well and just showing the Japan jet lag in the Bolton game. I just love how we gave those bullies and dose of their own medicine. Time to sign for the Reds. "Luis Garcia, he drinks Sangria..." "Que sera, sera" no "Steven Gerard, Gerard..." "In Instanbul we made it 5". "We are the Champions, champions of Europe".

Ok enuff bullying.

The Spurs looked a little indecisive, but they did grind some hard fought wins. Impressive.

Aston Villa had an easy schedule, but they made it work.

Man City had a bit of a meltdown, but hopefully they will come back and make the race for the CL exciting.

Poor Mikey Owen, hurt again. Wonder if Souney will get the axe soon.

Fullham always inconsistent. Wiggan getting a bit of the wiggles, but should improve. C'mon Wiggan.

All in all a very exciting and fun Holiday Footy time!

jtgulls said...

Nikki, I'm getting tired of the way Jose is treating Joey Cole. If he doesn't think he's good enough, then let him go, before he becomes a bitter footballer.

Joey is a battler and he'll fight for his team to the very end (remember his efforts during West Ham's relegation season?). Robben & Duff may be great players but they get injured; Joey's always there. And where has Wright-Phillips gone? He was a possible England player at the end of the season and now, he can barely get a game. Anyway, I'd like to see Joey at Newcastle or back at West Ham if he's deemed surplus goods at the Bridge.

I'm anxious to see if Newcastle brings in any central defenders
to replace Bramble and Boumsong ... Jose, how about loaning Huth to us?

Wonder if it's too soon to start watching the relegation battle?