11 January 2006

weeks 20 & 21 of ligue 1

oh dear oh dear oh dear.
ajaccio is not having a happy new year. 2 games, 2 losses (2-0 each). let's not talk about it.
monaco, no bobo yet, could only draw at home which won't ease the disappointment of a loss at auxerre in their first game back from the winter break, even though auxerre has been inconsistent as well. my little pieroni started that win on the bench & didn't even get that far in their loss against bordeaux. bordeaux are now ahead of them in the table (2nd while auxerre is 3rd) but i really can't complain. they are the 2 cutest teams in france. either in europe next season works for me. notice i have no title aspirations for them.... as in spain, we all know the eventual winner of the league.
lyon can go down a goal against the once mighty marseille but still come back & win it. they make scoring 4 (past a sorry strasbourg) in their first game back from the break look easy. they have players that exude confidence on the pitch like juninho, wiltord(hattrick hero), govou & coupet while leaving talents like fred & pedretti on the bench. and they have a 14 point lead on their nearest rival. does anyone think they will suddenly lose their way & not win a record 5th title in a row?
oh and back to marseille. at least they still have their french wonder boy, ribery, even though he really should have been sent off against lens. what a strange game. the lens keeper picks up the ball, while it's not in play but outside the box, to prevent a marseille player from taking a quick throw in and the ref red cards him. it was one of the strangest incidents i have seen in awhile. of course all hell breaks lose & the players are all over each other (not in that way! get your minds out of the gutter!) and ribery does some serious pushing & shoving and only gets yellowed. see how far that golden boy rep can get you?

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Elisa said...

The Auxerre v. Bordeaux game was a great game. Very competitive! Great to watch.

Ajaccio is probably going down. Sorry Nikki.

Looks like both Marseille and Monaco have beefed up during the transfer market. Should be interesting...