11 January 2006

week 18 of serie a

now this is how i like starting the year off - with a roma win. surely that means good luck & happiness for the year for me & my boys..... right? well, i'm allowed to dream.
it wasn't the prettiest win but i'll take it. at least it was a pretty goal by my little doe-eyed aquilani, bless his messy haired heart. (er, not that his heart is hairy. that's just kinda gross to think about.) anyway, as everyone else is broken, or gone (ciao cassano!), totti started up front as our lone striker & i remember why i prefer him as a midfielder. he wouldn't freakin run after any balls. he honestly looked like he couldn't be bothered half the time. not cool. and did anyone else notice one of the treviso players grabbing hold of totti's shirt and as it stretched and stretched (the ref did blow the foul eventually) did you think "wow, i hope that it just gets ripped right off of him?" oh, just me then?
speaking of hotness..... my luca toni (mmmm luca toni) still has not scored! yes, it was his assist for the goal that fiorentina managed against reggina but still, what's up with this slump?? i hope that he gets so excited when he finally does score again that he rips off his..... oh, sorry about that.
i have questions from the juve game: 1. was capello wearing a roma scarf? it was roma colours. 2. does mutu really take himself seriously? 3. why does camoranesi not cut that awful awful ponytail? it's bushier than a horse's tail for f*ckssake. 4. if canna is such a hardman most of the time, why was he falling down like pippo? i don't really need answers to these; i just thought i should put them out there.
milan's defense should be asked some serious questions after letting in 3 at home against parma. maldini must have been pissed, watching from the sidelines. and you know how hot he is when he sits. i wonder if he laughed at nesta's antics as much as i did towards the end of the game. nesta was ushering out a ball, it hadn't quite fully crossed the line for a goalkick, and the parma attacker was right there behind him so nesta got the bright (?) idea of leaning over & blowing on the ball to push it 100% out.
and it worked.
and he got away with it.

welcome to calcio.

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Elisa said...

A few quips-

Roma is on fire. I love Spalletti's strategy - guess who is the striker. Totti is just the Renaissance player. "Totti won't go after my balls" ? ay Nikki - sounds kinky?

Milan is just has a meltdown during their away games. Looks like it's all mental.

Regarding Mutu, the pokemon. He just thinks he is da bomb doesn't he? He is so full of himself.