13 September 2005


italy: scotland almost shocked italy by leading for an hour but grosso saved azzurri blushes. we almost answer the burning question: how many glaring misses can bobo have in one game??? luckily, the italians woke up & my new imaginary boyfriend Toni scored a hattrick against Belarus. mmmmmmm Luca Toni.

england: after doing the bare mininmum against wales (deflected joey cole goal/almost own goal) things get worse for england: they lose to northern ireland. (yes, you hear the cheers of the scots after their draw against the italians and their WIN AWAY at norway and then this delightful defeat). the press are baying for sven's head and no one fails to miss hothead rooney's reaction (he even has to be calmed down during the game). oh, it gets worse. apparently things are so happy-go-lucky in the england camp that rooney reportedly lashed out at halftime and told rio ferdinand to "f*ck off", told his captain becks to "f*ck off you flash b*stard" and then tells assistant coach steve mcclaren to "f*ck off you c*nt".
what a nice boy.

usa: they take their revenge with a 2-0 win against a pedestrian mexican side sweetened by the fact that this result sends them to the world cup. nice work & goal from beasley, yet again.

other notes: mutu is back! his 2 goals against the czechs give romanians a shock win. it's a shame that it's already too late for them. france's old guard help them secure a win over the mighty faroe islands and a beautiful strike from titi (henry to the rest of you) breaks irish hearts. adriano's 2nd hattrick in a week sends brazil to germany while africa is where all the action is: togo and ghana at the world cup?? the ivory coast almost there but then cameroon (spurred on by promises of eto'o's money) claim victory and take control of the group while tunisia & morocco duke it out for the last spot.


jtgulls said...

What are the odds that Nikki finds a FSC friendly location for lunch on Wed Sep 21 (Lecce vs Fiorentina live)? A Toni Lunch?

Nikki from the Treble said...

mmmm. luca toni lunch. mmmmmmm.
yes please.

Elisa said...

The Scotland v. Italy game was quite exciting. The Azzuri kept their composure and came back for a draw. But they need to step it up and they did for the Belarus game. I loved the way Totti, Pirlo and Gattuso played together in the midfield. Sheer beauty. And Toni was en fuego again.

I watched both England games and boy Sven is in deep water. There are some definite problems both on and off the field. Sven's tactics suck. He doesn't know the Premiership and he doesn't know how to play his stars. He also needs to bench Rooney at times. Sad...

The Spain/Serbia game was a very lively game but it got me sooo upset. Spain was awesome during the first half. Raul had a beautiful header and they controlled the game. In the second half it just fell apart. Espana got all emotional and just started losing it and Serbia took advantage. Terrible. I just wanted to cry. But at least we did not lose. I don't want to go thru the playoffs - noooooooooo!

US vs Guatemala - a chance to see the "B" team, the deeper squad. BORING! BORING! BORING! Bruce has a lot of work to do with the 2nd string. Scary!

And Portugal could not beat Russia. I think the team was deeply affected by the death or Christiano Ronaldo's dad. Poor guy. Our prayers go out to his family.

France vs Ireland - a fab game. Great play from both teams who were very evenly matched. France weared them down though. And TiTi was up for it with a brilliant goal! Ooh La La!

Mexico gets the business done against Panama. But are they ready for the big boys in the World Cup. More to come...