13 September 2005

week 6 of ligue 1

marseille finally win, auxerre continues to lose & the same three teams continue to be unbeaten... st. etienne and....

ajaccio v nancy
another win for the corsicans! my haze of incredulous happiness continues. a nice header from lucas (who will be snapped up by a bigger club next season) seals the second win of the season for ajaccio. they still need to finish more of their chances but i won't start complaining yet.

lyon v monaco
the lyon fans welcome new boy fred with a lovely display of a giant brasilian flag. fred is so touched that he scores twice: in the fitst 5 minutes or so of each half. now that's the way to endear yourself to the fans. oh, and monaco, was buttercup the colour you were going for with the new away kit? pale gold? i think non. at least dechamps looked smart in his cute little monaco polo as his team was losing.


jtgulls said...

Fredmania sweeps France! Too bad Fred has all those Brazilian strikers in front of him in the national team depth chart. Not likely to see Fred at WC '06.

Elisa said...

And PSG did it again! Yes Vive le capital!