13 September 2005

week 5 of the EPL

middlesbrough v arsenal
wow. lots of hair issues during this match. first and foremost: why is there a muppet on the head of xavier? and i think a few of the arsenal boys went to the barbershop before this game and had a trim. does your contract with l'oreal allow that robert? and hey, who knew queudrue was cute underneath that horrible hair! see what good hair v bad hair can do to a boy? anyway, a performance that gunner fans will want to forget: all flash, no results. there was a definite struggle to make anything happen near the box without their dear titi. what a shame..... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
*wipes tears of laughter from eyes*

tottenham v liverpool
an actual entertaining 0-0: end to end play, lots of shots, disallowed goals for both sides and the real star of the show: cisse's hair. what exactly is that on top of his head? bird droppings? and why is it on his chin as well?

newcastle v fulham
mickey owen's first outing. and the midget doesn't score.
*checks william hill* what are those odds on souness being the first manager to be scaked this season?


jtgulls said...

Lay off those midget comments about our Michael!

Just hope Todd & his Blackeye Rovers mates don't kick, elbow & maul Michael too badly on Sunday.

Elisa said...

Arsenal vs Boro - poor Reyes he really wanted to win that game. The rest of the team was just not ready to play. And we just squeaked by Thun in the Champions League. Come on guys- wake up! Henry is going to be out for a looong time! Anyone for reinforcements in January? But that may be too late =(.

Pool vs T'ham -- enjoyable, and frustrating game. But at least the Pool had a clean sheet. Luis Garcia was too selfish with the ball. Thank God we redeemed ourselves and came out strong against Betis in the CL Tues game - before we ran out of steam from the Sevilla sun. All in all a decent week for the Pool.

bananas said...

i don't even know what to say about the shiite against boro. but i think we missed sol a lot more during that game than we missed henry.

Nikki from the Treble said...

aww jt, don't worry. we have our own midget at chelsea - SWP! and he's even shorter than owen!