15 September 2005

week 2 of La liga

deportivo v atletico madrid
diego tristan, did you really shave a number 9 onto your head? why would you ever think that was a good idea? we can already see that you are number 9 from your jersey.
madrid were robbed! that depor goal at the end came in the 94:36 minute of 4 minues extra time (see the problem there?) and a depor player took out one of the madrid defenders in the box during the corner kick. i call foul.

real madrid v celta de vigo
speaking of foul....... both madrid sides were hard done by this past weekend. in a reverse of the famous spurs goal last season, celta score a goal that didn't go over the line. no complaints on the first goal - that was just the fault of the usual terrible madrid defending. once again, casillas does more than his fair share of defensive duties and makes a fantastic save on a celta penalty but couldn't get the rebound.

barcalona v mallorca
bad week for mallorca. no nonsense barca win this one with all kinds of nonsense from mallorca: 2 red cards for them and one of the boys dares to slap puyol in the face before making his way off! even though his hair is way too big, that's no reason to slap him!


devFalse said...

As an Atletico fan I was horrified by the way the game ended. Very inexcusable for a referee at that level. Oh well, we have Barca at home this week. Maybe Torres will find the net this time...

Elisa said...

The refereeing during the Real Madrid/Celta Vigo game was appalling. It really should have been a 1-1 game. Gotta love it.