15 September 2005

week 2 of Serie A

roma v udinese
it was just one of those days. we didn't play badly, we just didn't have luck on our side. totti alone had 2 chances in the box that should have been goals that somehow he missed. oh, and cassano comes in & shows off his football talent to distract us from his toublemaking talents. i would be less depressed if it wasn't our first home game that we lost.
at least the new ball was flashy.

messina v fiorentina
have i mentioned luca toni lately? how pretty he is? how he's been in great form lately? oh yeah, and then there is the footballing aspect........
oh, where was i? yes, toni. who scored again and had other chances and set up fiore for what would have been a lovely goal. fiorentina were cruising 2-0 and then they just seemed to lose focus and let messina back in the game. maybe they were frightened by messina's keeper. did you see his hair??? that will be give me nightmares for weeks!

palermo v inter
great freakin game from palermo - the fans were lovin it! seeing a game like this makes me want to go live in palermo & have a season ticket. bonus: the cute pink shirts
inter are a mess in the back without zanetti & adriano is anonymous so it's not that big of a surprise when palermo are up 3-0. the surprise was that inter did not manage one of their famous comebacks for a draw. good for palermo. and santana is kinda cute.


Elisa said...

Roma didn't play badly against Udinese but they needed to step it up a notch to match the magic of Iaquinta. Can't wait til he plays Toni this weekend when Udinese meets Fiorentina. Totti maintained some composure during the Roma game which is always a plus. And they kicked a** with their UEFA Cup game so all in all a decent week for the Rossoneri.

Elisa said...

Omigod did I write Rossoneri? I meant Giallorossi. Put a gun to my head. I gotta stop looking at that picture of Bobo and Jenny.

Nikki from the Treble said...

it is easy to be distracted by that photo of jenny & bobo!