20 June 2012

Commerical Break

A day of no football is a sad day indeed after the excitement we've had from the past twelve days.
So, instead of games, I've been entertaining myself with one of the best by-products of an international tournament: the adverts staring famous players.
In years past this has yielded great spots such as Maldini & co fighting demons, "the cage" tournament, and the Brazilian team dribbling through the airport just to name a few classics.
This year we've already seen Mario trying out different hairstyles and now I've seen this ridiculous (in a good way) Pepsi advert featuring Torres, Drogba, Lamps, Messi & more on the telly a few times and it makes me laugh every. single. time.
Jenny's reaction (via gchat) once she saw it:
 Jenny: lol
  i was like
  "who's that dork"
  it was lamps

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