22 June 2012

Quarter-Final: Germany v Greece

Six goals, a penalty, counter attacks, smashing volleys.... this game was another great one. This tournament seriously rocks.
Germany looked awesome and quite frighteningly deadly in both attack and defense and you could just tell this was theirs for the taking. It was wave of attack after attack from the Germans and it's hard not to see this team in the final come July 1st.
Greece gave it a game by tying it up 1-1 just after the second half began but Germany were just too much for Greece and it became a game of how many can they get? In the end, it was 4-2, with Greece getting only the second penalty of the tournament as the match was coming to a close.
So Germany move on to the semis to meet either England or Italy and Greece go home without another upset like their 2004 triumph.

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