17 June 2012

Matches 19 & 20

My goodness. Another day of amazing games! This tournament is spoiling us! Two more games with goals goals goals, attacking play, and just general craziness.
I never want this tournament to end.
Both games ended 2-1 with Germany and Portugal the victors, Denmark and Holland heading home. The Germany v Denmark game was flatter than the 2-1 scoreline would suggest with the second half petering out to an end and Denmark feeling more than unlucky with a good shout for an overlooked penalty.
The Portugal v Holland game was all action. With so many chances for both team, so many chances for Ronaldo alone, it is surprising this wasn't a higher scoring game but there were many shots just wide and smacking on the post to account for that. And Christiano Ronaldo finally did get on the scoresheet with both goals and a ridiculously breathless performance overall.
The first set of quarter finals has been now set: Germany v Greece and Portugal v Czech Republic and I wouldn't be surprised to see today's two winners moving on to the semi finals.

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