19 June 2012

Matches 23 & 24

Well well well. Interesting games, not the best of the last round but still some moments of excitement for sure.
First of all, there was Sweden v France which gave us a shockingly bad French team and a ridiculously amazing goal from Ibra. Once Sweden went ahead 1-0 and they knew England had taken the lead in their game, the French still couldn't get it in gear & do anything. And then their defense fell apart again in injury time and let in another goal and Sweden exit the tournament with a 2-0 win. It was quite incredible and if France are this woeful against Spain in the quarters they will be slaughtered.
Then there was the England v Ukraine game. England were dreadful in the first half & Ukraine should have scored. Rooney was a non-entity in that half but I guess that's not surprising as it was his first outing in this tournament. And he definitely improved, along with the rest of the team, in the second half as seen by his goal. There should have been another goal in this game as Ukraine scored but the ref, the linesman and the goal line assistant all failed to miss the ball going over the line before JT hooked it away; let the debates begin on letting technology enter the modern game. Anyway, England held on to the 1-0 win and the co-host were out.
The quarter final match ups of England v Italy and Spain v France look quite tasty but today's two teams will need improvement to make it to the semis.

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