19 June 2012

Group stage closing thoughts

After twelve straight days of football, seeing 24 matches with 60 goals and not one 0-0 draw, it's been one hell of a tournament already. And now we come to the knockout stages where one little mistake could send your team out; I really hope that doesn't mean we'll suddenly see more cautious play but I fear it could. I have a feeling at least one of these quarter final games will go to penalties & we all know how crushing that can be (I still have the heartache for the Italians in Euro 2000).
My highlights? Ridiculously good goals from Balotelli against Ireland, Ibrahimovic against France and Welbeck against Sweden just to name my top three so far. New revelations like Russia's Dzagoev making a name for themselves up against superstars like Christiano Ronaldo and icons like Sheva. And then there were the Irish fans. Some other team should draft them in for the quarters so we don't lose them quite yet.
It's been brilliant & I eagerly await the quarter finals.
Predictions? Portugal v Germany and Spain v Italy in the semis, Germany v Spain in the final, Germany winning (even though my heart wants that Spanish win).
And what the hell will I do with myself tomorrow without a game to follow???

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